Monday, 31 January 2011

Glamour Magazine - StyleWatch

I some how managed to play Fashion Police in between filming - phew! I'm no Joan Rivers (on E! as in Entertainment, for those who don't watch it.) but I wouldn't go as far as her anyway, as I may be on the receiving end!
I was in good company with Amy Molyneux of PPQ and Amelle from the Sugababes also on the squad (force?). We were the police and Nicole, Halle and Mila were the offenders (fashion criminals??) Awards season always has the toughest and most harshest spotlight on the fashion of the redcarpet on the actresses. Even after the adulation once you collect your OSCAR / GLOBE / BAFTA etc - the fashion critics can still have you weeping in your Christian Louboutins! So I was kind, but still very honest....

Have a look at our verdicts at Glamour Magazine... Plus not a Joan Rivers in sight! 

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