Monday, 31 January 2011

Film 2011 - Behind the scenes

I am pregnant!!..... OK, well I'm not exactly pregnant, but my character is.....

I have been MIA (Missing-In-Action) recently as I've been on set shooting a short film, in various locations in London. My character in this film is ready to pop! It's an integral part of the story, which I don't want to ruin before you catch it at the festivals (it's still in it's "working title"). But it was amazing the way I was treated differently by complete strangers who passed by, when we were shooting in the street. It's a documentary style film, which was a very new and inspiring experience for me - as it is different from dramatic acting - ie. on stage or period dramas etc - it has to completely look like a documentary as the audience has to believe the subject matter and that this is what's happening right now - which is our aim.

Oh yeah, it's a comedy doc, so it's a Mockumentary! My new favourite word!
How many months do you think I am now ? Here, see what I have in the oven!

Stars in my Eyes

Any moment now!

Thirsty Werk!
 These behind the scene pictures are brought to you by Karmazoovision Film Productions


  1. lol when I saw you tweet I was like *huh?* But this explains it all. I have a thing for faux baby bumps; I'm always pinching them off of the maternity mannequins at work and wearing them myself.

  2. you make a yummy blossoming mummy to be :)
    big kiss hun

  3. I didn't realise you acted as well.

    Is there an end to your talents? You Go Girl!