Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New York Fashion Week - The Only Son

While I was working during New York Fashion week last week, I discovered the label The Only Son by talented Thai designer Au. E. Udomphol who happens to be a friend of a good friend of mine, beautiful Genevieve Jones, designer of beautiful jewelry and all round fabulous New Yorker.

Even though I packed a full suitcase, I was lucky enough to rock The Only Son's dresses during my stay in NYC.

Every dress just seemed to work with my hot pink lips :)

Here's a few teasers, Enjoy!

Wearing The Only Son & Genevieve Jones jewels + Genevieve Jones in person!

Wearing The Only Son & BeJewelled
The Only Son
The Only Son En Route to Jeremy Scott

Discovery of the Month : Urban Kings Thai Kick-Boxing

http://www.urbankingsgym.com/Just to re-cap on my year of trying to quit my sugar addiction healthy living I have discovered the most amazing place to do this! Where I will not be scrutinised and judged by what I'm wearing, how skinny, fat, toned, or how my hair looks as most of the members are men! ha! Although there are a good group of regulars who are female and just as dedicated at training.

Urban Kings is a luxury Martial Arts gym with a wonderful sauna and juice/smoothie/tea bar. It is a clean, friendly and motivational atmosphere.

Get Your Gloves On!!

Put 'em up!
Jab! Cross! 
Kick Out!

***There is a special offer for ladies in April - 1 month FREE !!! *** 


Monday, 21 February 2011

BAFTA + ELLE Style = Awards Season London

As awards season approached I still couldn't have prepared
myself mentally and physically for the onslaught of dresses, 
designers, accessories, actors, musicians, stylists, models, 
directors, producers... and glasses of champagne involved!

Then the fact that the BAFTA & ELLE Style awards were 
back to back (not to mention the Grammys on the same 
night as the BAFTAs, across the pond) and if that wasn't 
enough, on Valentines Day!! 

Who planned this calender, whoever did, God bless them! 
Because I know that it was only a MIRACLE that got me 
through each and every day leading up and post... before
flying off to New York Fashion week for work, for 2 days.... 
we are now in the midst of London Fashion Week and then 
it's the Oscars - all that can be said is - God's Speed!

ELLE Style Awards 2011
 I am wearing a Dolce & Gabanna Spring/Summer 11 sheerblack tiered dress
(that was picked out 30 minutes beforeredcarpet at the awards!!! incidently showing my 
knickers with tiny red hearts all over them!), jewelery by Rachel Galley and
clutch bag from Reiss.

For the Baftas I wore a silver metallic dress from new designer from Ireland
Joanne Hynes

The highlight of the ELLE awards, for me, was sitting next to Courtney Love 
and Vivienne Westwood's speech -  not knowing who Emma Watson is, 
therefore not preparing a speech on Emma- as she doesn't read magazines, doesn't  
watch TV, or watch films..especially not Harry Potter. 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Muse of the Month - Lee Miller

I first discovered Lee Miller at the opening of an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. It wasn't an exhibition focused on Lee Miller, it was one of their permanent exhibits, with various photographs, stories, information from a certain era of the early 20th Century. There was just a group of  two photographs of Lee Miller and taken by Lee Miller, that inspired me to discover more about Miller. It was during my time at Chelsea College of Art studying Contemporary Art & Artist along with Sketching. Sadly I missed the huge retrospective exhibition on at the V&A a couple of years ago called The Art of Lee Miller. But you can still buy postcards of her photography, books and pictures as I did.I think I was also inspired by her 20's hairstyle for one of my new hair looks!

Lee Miller Self Portrait w Headband.jpg
Self Portrait in Headband, New York, 1932 © Lee Miller Archives, England 2008. All rights reserved

The life Lee Miller led was a fascinating, creative life of a free-spirited woman
ahead of her time, with intelligence and beauty. She was a multi-tasker or "slasher" before women
were even fully accepted in the work place. Her transformation from Vogue fashion model to
artist's muse, to ground-breaking artist - which in turn led to her unprecedented career as a photographer.

Lee Miller
by Edward Steichen
Miller, born in Poughkeepsie, New York (where her early life was
as interesting and where we see she got  some of her fire from) -
she was classically beautiful and was discovered, 1927, by Conde Nast himself.
She began her modelling career on the front cover of American Vogue.
She is immortalized by Steichen, Hoyningen-Huene, Horst and
other famous photographers.

Lee Miller Jan 08
Solarized photograph. Paris 1930 (Lee Miller) via Sleekit
Paris, 1929, Miller becomes the protege and lover of Man Ray, she invents
with him the solarization technique of photography, develops into a brilliant surrealist photographer,
and plays the statue in Cocteau's film Blood of a Poet.

Air-raid shelter. 1940 for Conde Nast Publications. (Lee Miller) via wmhart

Europe, 1939-45, Miller was living at occasionally with her future husband, the
painter Roland Penrose, she becomes a US war correspondent and covers the
siege of St. Malo and the liberation of Paris. Her photographs of Dachau
concentration camp shocked the world. Her finest work included portraits
of Picasso, Braque, Ernst, Eluard, Miro....

These are just a few of the many lives on a journey of this extraordinary artist,
free spirit and a constant inspiration to myself and my own work.

Do You Know The Many Faces of Lee Miller?

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

BAFTA / InStyle: The Best of British Talent

In between rehearsals, I attended the Bafta / InStyle event to celebrate the Best of British Talent, last week.
The party did indeed bring the best of British Talent, established and up-coming actors, musicians, directors, writers....I spotted Benedict Cumberbatch, Andy Serkis a.k.a Gollum, Thandie Newton, Andrea Riseborough (to be seen in Never Let Me Go with Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley & Andrew Garfield), I caught up with one of the Treadaway twins, Margot Stilley, David Gandy, Natt Weller, Jonathan Ross, Heidi Klum (not quite British , but she is a talent and looked gorgeous). When not eyeing the talent there was pizza, photobooths and a pro make-up stand to keep guests pretty and entertained.

See the pieces I wore or the complete look at VOGUE ITALIA - Look of the Day!

En Route

Dress by PPQ

Bespoke jewellery by Rachel Galley