Thursday, 16 December 2010

Blogging within a Blog : Blog Will Eat Itself

> I think, in one of the missing doctrines written by Nostradamus*, I'm pretty sure, he predicted that we would all be Blogging - a bit like Warhol's 15 minutes of fame (which has already come true to a certain extent, uummm X-Factor, Jersey Shore etc they walk hand in hand in garden of reality TV) - Nostradamus knew we will all be Blogging our hearts out.
 Here's to you Nostradamus, Bloggers worldwide salute you!

Who knew I would be filming re-shoots for an indie film (with a new hair change for the new role) as well as blogging for British Vogue Today I'm Wearing segment, all during the month of August, which took the word multi-tasking to many new levels.....I'll bring you the choice cuts.
Starting with a little Interview .....
...to the 2nd day in August

 " HI VOGUE.COM! Today I'm wearing a Shoreditch House Sunday Pool disco look. The bat-wing cardigan & skull rainbow t-shirt are both Religion, worn with French Connection jeans. I've accessorised with a Lucy Hutchings necklace and Vivienne Westwood ring. I was hoping maybe I could fly off the roof.."
 3 Aug " Today I'm in London having breakfast with my Ray Bans. I'm wearing a Hannah Marshall dress with a Mulberry jacket over it. I've accessorised with a Miss Selfridge belt, a bracelet I picked up from a Tokyo market and a Mulberry bag. Nothing gets between me and my Wayfarers."

 4 Aug " Today I'm wearing a fedora and scarf both by D&Y, I've paired a men's Viktor & Rolf cardigan with a dress by IDOL for New Look. One of my two bags is Mulberry and the black bag by Kill City Jeans. A quick snap and change in my friend's LA hotel room bathroom before dinner. "
 11 Aug " It's a beautiful day in Surrey today and I'm wearing a flower print Ralph Lauren dress accessorised with RayBan clubmaster sunglasses and a vintage Chanel-esque head band. I'm DJ-ing at an after party for a Polo match and I think that required a floral print. "

 13 Aug " Hi VOGUE.COM! Today I'm wearing a vintage jacket over a Sass & Bide dress, Miss Selfridge boots. I've accessorised with Chanel sunglasses and Hogan bag. "
 22 Aug "  For the V Festival, I'm wearing a SARO headband, a Matthew Williamson leather jacket, over an All Saints dress and a vintage cropped denim shirt. With studded Wanted boots. "

 23 Aug " Today I'm shooting on location, I'm wearing a turban headband from former Vivienne Westwood designer; SARO. Sass & Bide wide-leg silk palazzo pants with a French Connection vest. My necklace & ring is by Jessica McCormack. The ring called Humility. "

 24 Aug " Today I'm wearing a leather bra by Hannah Marshall and skirt by Alexander McQueen. I'm attending my friend's End of Summer party. Hopefully it doesn't rain!"

*Disclaimer : there may not actually be any truth in this.