Monday, 21 February 2011

BAFTA + ELLE Style = Awards Season London

As awards season approached I still couldn't have prepared
myself mentally and physically for the onslaught of dresses, 
designers, accessories, actors, musicians, stylists, models, 
directors, producers... and glasses of champagne involved!

Then the fact that the BAFTA & ELLE Style awards were 
back to back (not to mention the Grammys on the same 
night as the BAFTAs, across the pond) and if that wasn't 
enough, on Valentines Day!! 

Who planned this calender, whoever did, God bless them! 
Because I know that it was only a MIRACLE that got me 
through each and every day leading up and post... before
flying off to New York Fashion week for work, for 2 days.... 
we are now in the midst of London Fashion Week and then 
it's the Oscars - all that can be said is - God's Speed!

ELLE Style Awards 2011
 I am wearing a Dolce & Gabanna Spring/Summer 11 sheerblack tiered dress
(that was picked out 30 minutes beforeredcarpet at the awards!!! incidently showing my 
knickers with tiny red hearts all over them!), jewelery by Rachel Galley and
clutch bag from Reiss.

For the Baftas I wore a silver metallic dress from new designer from Ireland
Joanne Hynes

The highlight of the ELLE awards, for me, was sitting next to Courtney Love 
and Vivienne Westwood's speech -  not knowing who Emma Watson is, 
therefore not preparing a speech on Emma- as she doesn't read magazines, doesn't  
watch TV, or watch films..especially not Harry Potter.