Saturday, 9 March 2013

Live Fast, Die Young series: Youth is Beautiful

Youth is Beautiful.... I pay homage to youth, my respects to the legends, to the artistry of youth, to the ones who have gone before, it takes courage to live that life, to blaze a trail and to come out on top...

Born To Die: Amy Winehouse by Nuria Aparicio, Jimi, James & Lana.

Youth, life with all it's uncertainty, it comes with a certain fearlessness, that  we all try to re-capture no matter what age. Let's capture, re-capture and capture it all over again, no matter what age. Live Fast, Die Young. Everything is possible...Who wants to die young, when you can be forever young? We live forever. What do you want to be when you grow up?

In Good Company: Girls on Bikes, Janis, Lana, Grace; cover art Nightclubbing, Norma Eberhardt ("The sweater girl from film Live Fast, Die Young. 1958), Natalie, dancing gilrs, M.I.A

Miss Baker: Nobody dances like Josephine!

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  1. I think I´ll stick to Live fast with head and Die old with heart!!
    xxoo & nice to meet you!
    my little suede shoes