Friday, 6 April 2012

St Mungos charity: The Affordable Art Fair

After donating a vintage panama hat to the St Mungos charity 'Wooly Hat Day' fundrasing auction, St Mungos asked me to open the Affordable Art Fair, where they were the charity beneficiary. As I studied art in my late teens at Chelsea College of Art and as a lover of art, I gladly agreed.
I also went to visit one of their hostels in Endell St Covent Garden, which was a massively enlightening experience. I met a couple of people who live in that particular hostel and benefit from the hard working team at St Mungos. One was a recovering and relapsing drug addict, another with learning difficulties and a few young women, who may have been victims of violence or abuse at a point in their lives, which has lead them to living at the hostel.  I was delighted to discover their recording studio in the basement and it was amazing to see such an inspiring hub of creativity.

 Fun-Raising!: At the St Mungos stand seeing their past achievements & art!

The Affordable Art Fair took place in the centre of Battersea Park, London and all ticket sales went to St. Mungos charity. It is quite fitting as St Mungos started out over 40 years ago in Battersea Park providing rough sleepers with comfort, food and company. This time we were surrounded by gorgeous art and St. Mungos success stories.

Chatting with Gemma, Head of communications at St Mungos & Will founder of the art fair

I support St Mungos because I really admire their hard work. I have seen first hand the incredible and inspiring work and people who run St Mungos.
I saw that it is a journey of recovery, rehabilitation and growth, with each client at the hostels. It was enlightening because it helped to change my perspective and opinions on homelessness and I think everyone should spend a day at the centres, if not volunteer.

Art Attack: Standing with a piece that my mother liked. Wearing: Helen Steele dress, Felix Rey bag, vintage belt.

Simple things like drama, I.T, arts, literacy etc that have been readily accessible to us growing up, these things are crucial in supporting homeless people to rebuild their lives, who may not have had these opportunities.

Last year over 4,000 people slept rough on the streets of London alone. Just in London.

Money raised through ticket sales for this event and support throughout the fair, will enable St Mungos to help homeless people rebuild their lives and give access to vital health care services.

Life Imitates Art: Works from the Doinel Gallery

We Are St Mungos: with Gemma head of communications at St Mungos

After my speech at the Affordable Art Fair, I introduced Hugh Mattan, who sang. He recorded his Reggae album in the donated recording studio at the Endell St hostel I visited. He was amazing and I want to hire him for future events!

With Hugh Mattan Reggae artist from St Mungos

Hugh in action!

Check out some of their music: The Endell Street Recording Studio 

Caped crusader!

By Phillip Glass

Can find out more about the work of St Mungos and real life stories, from their Annual Review, in St. Mungos: Street Stories

Photos by Tom Hargreaves

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