Friday, 30 December 2011

House of Sunny Film & Editorial

During the heatwave of this summer I was shot by photographer Wayne Johns, in glorious Richmond and performed in a short fashion film with Sunny Williams label House of Sunny.
  No bad Sunny-Sunny jokes, just beautiful film and photographs. The short film still to come. But please see for yourself.

 Collection House of Sunny Photography: Wayne Johns

Graduating with honours from University and after training on Saville Row, designer Sunny Williams set up his own quintessentially British fashion label, House of Sunny. The fashion house's first TIGI sponsored collection was featured in Italian Vogue, with a key piece used for the TIGI campaign by JIV. 

Beautiful Safari - All photography by Wayne Johns

 Williams draws his inspiration and his philosophical approach to design from The Fibonacci Theory, where he applies the numbers in nature to his aesthetic and sees nature as the ultimate machine. He follows in the footsteps of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci who used the techniques of the Fibonacci number sequence within their art. Sunny believes that these numbers are the reason why everything in the world looks so perfect and he uses the perfect Fibonacci code to design each unique piece in his collection. Since working with him I am starting to agree with his philosophy and mathematical approach to design. Now onto the film, stay tuned.


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