Saturday, 8 October 2011

London Fashion Week '11: Behind The Scenes

Here are some extra pictures and interviews from designers during LFW that was left out of my Marie Claire London Fashion Week Diary

This was one of my favourite shows to do, because I have always liked walking for multiple designers under one roof. Also you get to see the designers grow and progress each season. The House of Evolution is a collective of innovative and creative talent bringing you a fashion and cultural experience through a range of contemporary designers: ROHMIR, DAS and MATH.

Inbetween all the prepping for the show, I managed to quickly interview the designers, Olga Roh of ROHMIR, Shaz of MATH, Emirati sisters Reem and Hind Beljafla of DAS and also Amber Le Bon who was walking exclusivly for designers DAS at House of Evolution.

Where are you from?
Germany, Switzerland and Russia - but I belong to the world. Hong Kong is my home right now.
What's your inspiration for this season?
Exotic gardens and rain. Rain in Paris, water and the lives women lead are a source of inspiration, the fact that women tend to live more intensely...
What is your background?
I studied psychology, so a lot of my ideas are based around it. The cleansing element of water, about what is going on inside, cleansing of our emotions. The fabrics I choose are very personal, the choices based on how I'm feeling at that moment.
Where are your fabrics made?
I have a factory that I set up from scratch, with 102 workers. My fabrics are from the same supplier as Chanel. I am the engineer and Rohmir is the machine. It's also about the people behind the scenes.
Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from in general?
Most of my inspiration for next season is from London. I love London. My favourite quote is from Picasso: "I dream about my paintings and I paint about my dreams" I just swap the word paintings with style!

Olga Roh Q&A

Any gossip?
This is my first LFW show and I experienced first hand the bitchiness that can happen behind the scenes while designing and preparing for my show . But also I've enjoyed the energy and buzz of it all.
What other shows will you see?
The menswear shows on the last day, since I'm a man!
What's your highlight so far of the whole process?
The fact that I have a platform to showcase my designs. I am so happy to have the support of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Also writer and journalist Camilla Morton has been a massive supporter.
Any disasters?
Last minute sewing and alterations the night before the show.
What's your inspiration?
London. As I was born and bred here. I design for the modern British woman. With elements of tradition, but still very modern and fresh. A British woman with refined elegance - it's about the quality, cut and bringing women an element luxury.

Designer Shaz of MATH
MATH: Modern take on Traditional, Feminine Luxury

Vauxhall Fashion Scout: MATH
What's your inspiration?
Ancient Greece, feminine draping, transparent, braids, silk.
What are your highlights so far designing this collection and show this season?
Amber Le Bon opening the show.
What do you love about being a designer?
I get to play with fabrics, material, travelling and attending other designers shows.
What shows will you attend?
Chanel, Karl Largerfeld, DVF, Alexander McQueen.
Who is your style icon?
Angelina Jolie, who I would love to see wearing this collection.
What are your plans for the future?
This is my first LFW catwalk show, but I aim to be showing at the tents at Somerset House.

DAS finale Vauxhall Fashion Scout

What did you have for breakfast?
A piece of toast.
What shows are you walking in?
I have walked for Felder Felder and I am walking in Mark Fast tomorrow, including some newer designers.
What do you think of DAS collection?
The clothes are very beautiful
Who is your favourite supermodel?
My Mum.
What do you love about modelling?
Meeting creative people from around the world.
What's the worst thing about modelling?
Nights alone in your hotel room.
What do you think about while you are walking down the catwalk?
My mind goes blank and then when it's over I get a sudden rush of adrenaline and I want to do it again!
When did you start modeling?
When I left school.

Fashion Week wouldn't be possible without all the helpers, volunteers, assistants, make-up artists, hairstylists, dressers, pattern cutters, nail technicians....

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