Friday, 24 June 2011

Designer Pages Wed 22nd June - Earl's Court Festival: The Goody Bag!

The evening went off with a bang! The speakers were inspirational, emotional, funny, honest and entertaining. I read my fashion poem which I had written two days before the event. Apart from the projector not working at the crucial moments the night went smoothly and people were excited about the amazing prizes they won and the fabulous goody bag - more on that later.

The event was a success and executed beautifully mainly down to the careful organisation of Tiffany Davies and her team.

Please marvel with me at the favourite items in the goody bag!

Black Up, Paris - Is a very important luxury cosmetics brand. Founded in 1999, it is France's #1 ethnic make-up artist luxury brand. Black Up, Paris is created and specialized for women of colour, as well as being suitable for all women.

I love this 3 speed vibrating Mascara by Black Up, Paris !

My second favourite Goody Bag Item:

Is the lovely Eau De Parfum ASABI - which is the first fragrance of former Miss Nigeria, businesswoman, Miss Nigeria Pageant director and all round fabulous lady - NIKE OSHINOWO.

A lucky guy in the audience was thrilled to win it in the raffle at the Designer Pages event and I was even luckier to recieve the fragrance in the goody bag!

There were also delicious cupcakes and fashion shaped cookies from Shalizee Cupcakes. Yum!

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