Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cannes Picture Diary

So I am using this new discovered wonderful app that allows me to blog on the go! I get my best inspiration whilst walking around, auditioning & shooting. This is where the iPhone wins, Blackberry don't get too comfortable !
I know I am quite behind, I really should have been born in the 1920s or something...

Oh well, here for your blogging pleasure & general enhanced blogging enjoyment, curtesy of BlogPress - my Cannes Film Festival picture diary.

The first night I had a brief meeting on arrival in Cannes (on 2 hours sleep, from a week if back to back shoots & a very early flight!!)

- That evening I attended the Haiti Charity benefit hosted by Replay jeans. Jamiroqua performed on stage for 2 hours, in the ball room of the Martinez Hotel on the Croisette. In the VIP section I was sat next to Janet Jackson !!! Which was probably the highlight of the festival for me!

I wore this lovely Armani cocktail dress. I had no time for the fitting for a Replay dress and felt very guilty indeed!! (I have to say a big. Thank You to Valentina of Replay)

The pool behind me is what I found in the basement of the villa in the hills where Leonardo DiCaprio hosted his after party. The villa owned by one of the Facebook founders natch!

My lips are sealed, but this was one of the best nights I've ever had (smiley face!!)

I found myself one lunch time eating and hanging out with my friends of Jalouse club Freddie Achom, Alex Lambrecht (pictured above) Who hosted Naomi Campbell's party the previous week.
Immediately after this picture was taken these two were sprayed with champagne by a bunch of Swedish millionaire boys, trying show some swagger, I think..?

I stayed away from the champagne spraying and checked out the coastline instead. There was a swimsuit photo shoot going on behind us.

I attended the premiere of Sean Penn's Cannes debut called This Must Be The Place. I heard his performance is his most quirky to date. Unfortunately I missed it !! But I met the cast at the after party, which included Bono's daughter & other guests such as my favourite party girl Courtney Love, Antonio Banderas with Melanie Griffiths, Harvey Weinstein, Gwen Stefani....

These two were part of the scenery at the Jalouse club beach party !!
Amazeballs !!!

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  1. Love this hun, so glam!

  2. alex is the biggest tryhard!
    He won't come back to Australia because he owes all his old friends money, along with some heavy's.
    He hits women and likes very YOUNG girls.
    He's got a serious problem. His family don't even associate with him.
    I'd recommend staying well clear of this character.