Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Discovery of the Month : Urban Kings Thai Kick-Boxing

http://www.urbankingsgym.com/Just to re-cap on my year of trying to quit my sugar addiction healthy living I have discovered the most amazing place to do this! Where I will not be scrutinised and judged by what I'm wearing, how skinny, fat, toned, or how my hair looks as most of the members are men! ha! Although there are a good group of regulars who are female and just as dedicated at training.

Urban Kings is a luxury Martial Arts gym with a wonderful sauna and juice/smoothie/tea bar. It is a clean, friendly and motivational atmosphere.

Get Your Gloves On!!

Put 'em up!
Jab! Cross! 
Kick Out!

***There is a special offer for ladies in April - 1 month FREE !!! *** 


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