Tuesday, 4 January 2011

All Hail King Fashion ! - Tom Ford S/S 2011 Womenswear

Continuing with my royal fashion reporting (no, not Kate's dress), general obsession and fashion-nation  with Tom Ford's design and film stylings. Here is his not-publicly-seen-before-almost-impossible-to-have-got-a-ticket Spring / Summer 2011 Womenswear show.

On the one occasion I met him, he bet me that I could lift my eyebrows (in a wide-eyed expression) and that he could not. Why? To this day I don't know, but I like many women, I love him.
Obviously I was unavailable for this show.....
But I've never walked in or watched a show quite like this one (although with the odd pulled in favour from his starry mates/clients/supers/movie star muses...) He makes it look so cinematic and magical.


  1. ha love love the story about his bet with you, now that is a story to share with your kids some day!

    Darling the video just makes me smile! such a celebration of glamour.

    Love Tom Ford!

    Marian xx