Thursday, 16 December 2010

Blogging within a Blog : Blog Will Eat Itself

> I think, in one of the missing doctrines written by Nostradamus*, I'm pretty sure, he predicted that we would all be Blogging - a bit like Warhol's 15 minutes of fame (which has already come true to a certain extent, uummm X-Factor, Jersey Shore etc they walk hand in hand in garden of reality TV) - Nostradamus knew we will all be Blogging our hearts out.
 Here's to you Nostradamus, Bloggers worldwide salute you!

Who knew I would be filming re-shoots for an indie film (with a new hair change for the new role) as well as blogging for British Vogue Today I'm Wearing segment, all during the month of August, which took the word multi-tasking to many new levels.....I'll bring you the choice cuts.
Starting with a little Interview .....
...to the 2nd day in August

 " HI VOGUE.COM! Today I'm wearing a Shoreditch House Sunday Pool disco look. The bat-wing cardigan & skull rainbow t-shirt are both Religion, worn with French Connection jeans. I've accessorised with a Lucy Hutchings necklace and Vivienne Westwood ring. I was hoping maybe I could fly off the roof.."
 3 Aug " Today I'm in London having breakfast with my Ray Bans. I'm wearing a Hannah Marshall dress with a Mulberry jacket over it. I've accessorised with a Miss Selfridge belt, a bracelet I picked up from a Tokyo market and a Mulberry bag. Nothing gets between me and my Wayfarers."

 4 Aug " Today I'm wearing a fedora and scarf both by D&Y, I've paired a men's Viktor & Rolf cardigan with a dress by IDOL for New Look. One of my two bags is Mulberry and the black bag by Kill City Jeans. A quick snap and change in my friend's LA hotel room bathroom before dinner. "
 11 Aug " It's a beautiful day in Surrey today and I'm wearing a flower print Ralph Lauren dress accessorised with RayBan clubmaster sunglasses and a vintage Chanel-esque head band. I'm DJ-ing at an after party for a Polo match and I think that required a floral print. "

 13 Aug " Hi VOGUE.COM! Today I'm wearing a vintage jacket over a Sass & Bide dress, Miss Selfridge boots. I've accessorised with Chanel sunglasses and Hogan bag. "
 22 Aug "  For the V Festival, I'm wearing a SARO headband, a Matthew Williamson leather jacket, over an All Saints dress and a vintage cropped denim shirt. With studded Wanted boots. "

 23 Aug " Today I'm shooting on location, I'm wearing a turban headband from former Vivienne Westwood designer; SARO. Sass & Bide wide-leg silk palazzo pants with a French Connection vest. My necklace & ring is by Jessica McCormack. The ring called Humility. "

 24 Aug " Today I'm wearing a leather bra by Hannah Marshall and skirt by Alexander McQueen. I'm attending my friend's End of Summer party. Hopefully it doesn't rain!"

*Disclaimer : there may not actually be any truth in this.


  1. Love you style! Fabulous!

    Pls stop by


  2. Congratulations darling! Here is to many more posts

  3. Loving your style!!!! 3rd & 13th August are my favourite!!!!! How would I get in contact with you for a new magazine interview?? (my email is laura@glamazonmagazine.co.uk)